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Welcome to my website

Nice to meet you ! My name is Louis, and I’m a student at the European Business School in Paris.

Who am I ?

My strenght

I already know what it makes to work in a little start up because I did it.
I‘ve worked in a company called Peeble Event , a company where I had to call
many agencies in order to offer them our services during their events .
I’ve also a good level in English so working in a big international company
will not be a problem for me.


I want to create a novelty, a new idea, a new concept with the aim to change the world.
I’m also a traveler because I like discover many countries, new people and new cultures
in order to be aware of every people need all around the word. All this things will help me
to build my own company, and imagine a new product or concept.

About my experience

I did three main internship this last 3 years : an internship in Darty’s store in Paris in selling and merchandising,
I work as waiter in Rodin museum’s coffee in Paris and I did an internship in a Wifi Event Start up called Peeble Event.

My goals

Actually, I want to improve my capacities to work in a big company as an internship to begin and I’m also interested
in building my own start up.

My digital expedition

I've come in San Francisco in order to improve my digital capacities, studying digital
marketing, coding with the goal to build my own website, and studying the corporate
world in general.This experience allowed me to extend my vision of the entrepreneurship
All these subjects made me keep in mind that you always needs to meets people which want
to share their own experience about how they builded their company and what difficulties they met
I had the chance to meet Pierre Gaubil during his seminary , a business manager. I asked him some advices
for everyone who want to begin creating their company.
I've also made the most of this journey in order to improve my English speaking.

About me

I’m singing and playing guitar since 7 years and I’m passionate of music.
I like travel I had the chance to discover many countries such as Russia , Mexico,
Indonesia , Mauritius and many other place.

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